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Is Silver Jade Plant Toxic To Cats? 

by Clair Chesterman
Is Silver Jade Plant Toxic to Cats

The silver jade plant, also known as Chinese jade or silver dollar, is a South African native that is popularly used as a decorative plant in homes and gardens around the world. However, because the silver jade plant is harmful to cats, it should never be kept in or around the house.

It’s uncertain which toxin causes silver jade poisoning symptoms. If a cat eats this plant, it may vomit or dry heave to get rid of the plant material.

What is Silver Jade Plant?

Cat looks at Silver Jade Plant

The Silver Jade Plant with Crassula Arborescens as its scientific name is a jade-family succulent native to South Africa. It features lovely rounded blue-grey leaves with maroon margins and little maroon speckles on the upper surface and is commonly grown as a houseplant. It’s a tiny shrub with several stout stems that can reach a height of 4 feet. 

Clinical Signs of Silver Jade Plant Poisoning in Cats

Silver Jade Plant and cats

If your cat ingests any portion of the silver jade plant, he may show symptoms of poisoning almost immediately. The following are some of the symptoms to be aware of:

First Aid and Treatment of Silver Jade Plant Poisoning in Cats

Silver Jade Plant with a cat looking at it

Treatment will begin as soon as a diagnosis is made. Any silver jade plant that remains in your cat’s stomach will need to be removed by the vet. The vet will make you puke to get rid of the plant waste. After the vomiting has stopped, your veterinarian can give your cat activated charcoal, which will absorb any leftover poisons in the stomach cavity before they enter the bloodstream. After the treatment is finished, the vet may provide Kaopectin or sucralfate. These drugs make a thick paste that coats the stomach lining and prevents additional discomfort.

If your cat has contact dermatitis, your veterinarian will bathe him thoroughly to eliminate any irritants that have remained on his skin. A topical corticosteroid might be used to relieve the stinging and swelling. 

The vet will need to use an IV line to give him fluids to help him rehydrate if he becomes dehydrated due to induced vomiting.

Recovery from Silver Jade Plant Poisoning in Cats

Silver jade plant poisoning is seldom lethal and usually has no serious consequences. In extreme situations, your cat’s illness may require your veterinarian to keep him hooked up to an IV until his condition improves.

If your cat is okay to go home with you, talk to your vet about making dietary changes for your cat. As your cat recovers, the vet may advise you to switch to softer diets for a few days.

Prevention of Silver Jade Plant Poisoning in Cats

Before purchasing any plants, do some research to ensure they don’t contain any dangerous compounds for your cat.

If you bought this plant as a houseplant, don’t try to keep it out of your cat’s reach. Cats are known for being inquisitive and cunning. Never presume that a plant is out of reach for your cat. Keep dangerous plants out of your house.

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