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Is Chinese Jade Toxic To Cats?

by Clair Chesterman
Is Chinese Jade Toxic To Cats? 

Chinese jade or also known as Silver Jade Plant and Silver Dollar is a popular succulent plant that is found to be poisonous for cats. The toxic principles of the Chinese Jade plant are not known but the symptoms it causes to cats are almost the same with other toxic plants poisoning.

What Is Chinese Jade?

Cat looks at Silver Jade Plant

Chinese jade, or Crassula arborescens, is a tiny perennial succulent from the Crassulaceae family that grows up to 4 inches tall and forms dense clumps with half-round leaves that are flattened on the upper portion and end in a pointy tip.

Clinical Signs of Chinese Jade Poisoning in Cats

Silver Jade Plant and cats

The vat may not specifically diagnose that your cat is experiencing Chinese jade poisoning as the symptoms are similar to other plant poisonings. Unless you caught your cat eating a part of the Chinese jade, you can opt to take a sample of the plant to the vet for further observation. Typical symptoms that your cat may experience are:

First Aid and Treatment of Chinese Jade Poisoning in Cats

Silver Jade Plant with a cat looking at it

To treat Chinese jade poisoning in cats, the plant must be removed from the cat to avoid additional consumption and the poisons must be removed from the cat’s body. An emetic medicine will be given to stimulate the cat to vomit in order to expel the undigested poison from its stomach. If your cat hasn’t vomited, the veterinarian will most likely give him activated charcoal. The harmful substance will bind with activated charcoal, preventing the body from absorbing any more of the plant’s compounds. Intravenous fluid may be also administered particularly for cats experiencing severe vomiting.

Recovery from Chinese Jade Poisoning in Cats

If the amount of Chinese jade plant consumed by your cat is only minimal, he or she will fully recover fast. In case of large consumption, he or she may be admitted to the veterinary facility for further observation. Discuss post-treatment care with the veterinarian and ensure to follow his instructions for your cat’s wellness.

Prevention of Chinese Jade Poisoning in Cats

It is not advisable to grow Chinese jade if you are living with cats but if it is unavoidable, put your Chinese jade plant somewhere that your cat cannot access. If your cat was exposed to Chinese jade somewhere in your neighborhood, restrict your cat’s activities outdoors by keeping him or her entertained and engaged indoors.

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