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Is Marjoram Toxic To Cats? 

by Clair Chesterman
Is Marjoram Toxic to Cats

The marjoram plant is considered toxic to felines due it contains a high concentration of essential oils as well as other irritants in its tissues. While essential oils are frequently used for medical purposes in humans, they can have a detrimental effect on cats when they come into touch with them, with the consequences ranging from moderate discomfort to possibly fatal depending on the oil in question.

What Is Marjoram?

Marjoram plant with a cat in the background

Marjoram is a cold-tolerant perennial plant or undershrub with pleasant pine and citrus tastes. Of certain Middle Eastern countries, marjoram is interchangeable with oregano, and the names sweet marjoram and twisted marjoram are used to distinguish it from other plants in the genus Origanum.

Marjoram, scientifically known as Origanum majorana, is indigenous to Cyprus, the Mediterranean, parts of Eurasia, and the Arabian Peninsula. It was seen as a symbol of gladness by the ancient Greeks and Romans.

Marjoram is planted for its aromatic leaves, which can be green or dry and are used in cooking; the tops are plucked as the plants begin to bloom and gently dry in the shade. Marjoram’s blossoming leaves and tips are steam-distilled to produce a yellowish essential oil.

Clinical Signs of Marjoram Poisoning in Cats

Marjoram and cats

The symptoms of marjoram poisoning are normally not life-threatening, but they do put the afflicted cat in danger of problems owing to water loss from the body. The following clinical indicators should be kept an eye out for:

First Aid and Treatment of Marjoram Poisoning in Cats

Cat looks at Marjoram plant

While unpleasant, marjoram poisoning is not as deadly as poisonings caused by many other plants that contain essential oils. As a result, most veterinarians will refrain from emptying out the cat’s stomach contents, instead preferring to employ activated charcoal to absorb any undigested residues of the poisons.

In case of severe vomiting and diarrhea, there is a high chance that your cat will lose a lot of fluids. Thus, the veterinarian may start the cat on fluid therapy. This will send more water into the cat’s body while also washing out any oils or irritants that may have been digested and avoiding the symptoms of dehydration from taking hold.

Recovery from Marjoram Poisoning in Cats

Most cats recover completely from marjoram poisoning in less than a week. Although the recovery periods may still vary depending on age and general health condition prior to the poisoning incident. Follow-up visits to the vet are typically not required.

Prevention of Marjoram Poisoning in Cats

Avoid planting marjoram in your household. If a marjoram plant is growing in your neighbor’s yard, or anywhere near your area, it would be best to restrict your cat’s outdoor activities. This will help in reducing the risk of getting in contact with toxic plants in your surroundings.

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