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Are Corn Plants or Dracaenas Toxic To Cats?

by Clair Chesterman
Is Corn Plant or Dracaena Toxic To Cats? 

Corn plant or also known for its other common names, cornstalk plant, dracaena, dragon tree, and ribbon plant is a common houseplant that is found to contain saponins which are poisonous for felines. While corn plants are popular ornamental plants in yards and gardens, it is highly recommended to not grow them in your household if you are living with cats. In an instance that your cat ingests a part of the corn plant, he or she may suffer from drooling, vomiting, weakness, incoordination, and dilated pupils.

What Is Corn Plant or Dracaena?

Corn Plant with a cat hissing at it

The corn plant or scientifically known as dracaena fragrans is a tropical African evergreen tree that is now widely cultivated as an indoor plant in many regions around the world. This plant from the Asparagaceae family starts out as thick canes or stems that generate long, narrow leaves that shoot upward like corn stalks. They are frequently dubbed “fake palms” because of their growth habit, which makes them appear a lot like palm trees. They make wonderful houseplants because they’re tall and slender, reaching roughly four to six feet tall in containers. Once you have established the proper growing conditions, these plants are low-maintenance.

Clinical Signs of Corn Plant or Dracaena Poisoning in Cats

Corn Plant and cats

Prompt medical attention is vital if your cat has ingested any part of the corn plant. The usual symptoms of corn plant poisoning include:

First Aid and Treatment of Corn Plant or Dracaena Poisoning in Cats

Corn Plant in a pot with a cat in the background

After conducting a physical examination, your cat’s vomiting, diarrhea, dehydration, and other poisoning symptoms will be addressed by the veterinarian. Your cat will be given a lot of fluids through an IV line to help him replenish the fluids he lost due to severe vomiting. Other drugs and procedures may be also administered by the vet to help alleviate your cat’s other ailments.

Recovery from Corn Plant or Dracaena Poisoning in Cats

Cornstalk or corn plant poisoning is usually not lethal. The cat will totally heal once the toxins have been removed from his or her stomach and intestines. Within twelve to twenty-four hours, the poisoning symptoms should begin to disappear.

After treatment, let your cat rest comfortably and give him or her plenty of fluids as he or she is still recuperating from the poisoning experience.

Prevention of Corn Plant or Dracaena Poisoning in Cats

Remove any corn or cornstalk plants from your house. It’s recommended to get rid of any plants that are known to be toxic to cats. When cats roam freely outside, they may come into contact with potentially harmful plants in other yards. Limiting the cat’s access to the outdoors and planting grasses appropriate for cats in indoor pots can allow them to satisfy their love of munching on greens while remaining content inside your home. If you are leaving the house and not taking your cat with you, keep them confined while engaged inside a playpen or cat house.

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