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Is Calamondin Orange Toxic To Cats?

by Clair Chesterman
Is Calamondin Orange Toxic To Cats? 

Essential oils and psoralens are present in calamondin orange plants which are both harmful to cats. In any case of intake by cats, psoralens insert molecules into the DNA, causing bonds to develop between DNA strands when paired with sunshine exposure thus, resulting in photosensitivity.

What Is Calamondin Orange?

Cat hisses at Calamondin Orange

Calamondin is a hybrid acid citrus fruit that originated in China but is now mainly distributed in the Philippines, Southeast Asia, and the United States. It is scientifically known as Citrus mitis from the Rutaceae plant family. Asians usually use calamondin fruits as condiments in their dishes, and as flavoring to their beverages and preserves. Calamondin orange is also called Chinese Orange, Panama Orange, Golden Lime, Scarlet Lime, Kalamondin, Calamansi, and Limonsito.

Clinical Signs of Calamondin Orange Poisoning in Cats

Calamondin Orange and cats

The leaves, flowers, and seeds of the calamondin orange can cause gastrointestinal upset and severe skin irritation in cats. Symptoms that your cat may manifest are:

First Aid and Treatment of Calamondin Orange Poisoning in Cats

Calamondin Orange with a cat in the background

Fluid replacement therapy is needed in the treatment of calamondin orange poisoning. This aids in the replacement of fluids lost due to severe vomiting and diarrhea. It will also help in the removal of psoralen and essential oils from the cat’s system. In addition, this will also minimize photosensitivity instantly and should boost the cat’s energy levels. Itching and irritation of the cat’s skin can also be relieved quickly with medicated shampoo.

Recovery from Calamondin Orange Poisoning in Cats

Cats are rarely killed by calamondin orange poisoning. In most cases, the majority of cats recover completely within a few hours, with no long-term health consequences. Ensure to give your cat supportive care at home while he or she is recuperating.

Prevention of Calamondin Orange Poisoning in Cats

Keep your cat indoors to avoid getting into contact with the calamondin orange plant in other areas. Removing calamondin orange plants and other hazardous plants from your house and yard may be the best alternative.

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