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Are Butterfly Irises Toxic To Cats?

by Clair Chesterman
Is Butterfly Iris Toxic To Cats? 

Butterfly Iris is a popular houseplant due to its beautiful blooms however, having Butterfly Iris at home is not advisable if you are living with cats as this pretty plant is toxic for cats. The toxic chemicals are found in the highest concentrations in the plant’s rhizomes, roots, and bulbs. The leaves, flowers, and stems of Butterfly Iris are all poisonous. Its bulbs should be kept out of reach of cats, particularly kittens, which are prone to chewing or biting items out of pure curiosity. In case of ingestion, seek immediate veterinary care for your cat.

What Is Butterfly Iris?

Butterfly Irises with a cat in the background

Butterfly Iris is a perennial flowering plant that originated in Asia, Europe, and Africa. It is a member of the Limniris subgenus and the Spuriae Series. Spurious iris, bastard iris, and blue iris are all names for these lovely blossoms. Flowers of Butterfly Iris plants typically have bluish-purple to lilac segments, with yellow ridges on the falls. Color variations broaden the color spectrum to include white, blue, purple, wine, and brown.

Clinical Signs of Butterfly Iris Poisoning in Cats

Butterfly Irises and cats

The severity of your cat’s iris poisoning symptoms will vary depending on how much of the plant your cat ingested and which component. While symptoms are generally not life-threatening, they can cause your cat a lot of distress. The following are symptoms of iris poisoning in cats:

First Aid and Treatment of Butterfly Iris Poisoning in Cats

Butterfly Irises and a cat nearby

Relieving the symptoms that your cat is experiencing is the primary goal of your veterinarian. Vomit induction, IV fluids, activated charcoal, and gastric lavage may be used by the vet to remove toxins from your cat’s system. The type of therapy that your vet may do may vary depending on the severity of your cat’s condition.

Recovery from Butterfly Iris Poisoning in Cats

Your cat’s recovery from Butterfly Iris poisoning is generally positive as long as he or she was given prompt medical attention. You may need to take your cat to the vet for follow-up visits to ensure that he or she is healing properly. 

Prevention of Butterfly Iris Poisoning in Cats

Avoid bringing Butterfly Iris inside your home. If you receive this plant as a gift, it is best to re-gift it to others with no cats or dogs at home. Make your cat stay indoors to reduce the risk of exposure to Butterfly Iris and other toxic plants.

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