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Is Baby Doll Ti Plant or Good Luck Tree Toxic To Cats?

by Clair Chesterman
Is Baby Doll Ti Plant or Good Luck Tree Toxic To Cats? 

Baby Doll Ti, also known as the good luck tree or Hawaiian ti plant, is a common household plant however, it is dangerous for animals including cats. Baby Doll Ti plant contains saponins, which are natural chemicals that most plants produce to protect themselves from insects, microbes, and fungi. Saponins are toxic to cats and can result in vomiting, hypersalivation, anorexia, and dilated pupils.

What Is Baby Doll Ti Plant or Good Luck Tree?

cat sits near Baby Doll Ti Plant

Scientifically known as cordyline terminalis, Baby Doll Ti is a slow-growing evergreen tree from the Agavaceae family. It has lush huge broad green leaves about two to three inches long and six to eight inches wide. While it is also known as Hawaiian Ti, this plant is not native to Hawaii but actually native in Southeast Asia and Western Pacific Ocean Areas.

Baby Doll Ti was named the good luck tree because of the belief that started with native Hawaiians that having Ti plants around the house protects and provides good luck.

Clinical Signs of Baby Doll Ti Plant Poisoning in Cats

Baby Doll Ti Plant and cats

These are the symptoms that your cat may experience if he or she ingested any part of a Baby Doll Ti plant:

First Aid and Treatment of Baby Doll Ti Plant Poisoning in Cats

Cat hisses at Baby Doll Ti Plant

If your cat is showing any signs of poisoning, call your veterinarian as soon as possible. In most cases of poisoning, the vet will flush out any remaining toxins from your cat’s system. He or she may also administer activated charcoal for absorption of poison residue that may be left in your cat’s stomach.

Sucralfate, which reacts with your cat’s stomach acids to form a thick paste, may also be prescribed by your veterinarian. This paste lines your cat’s stomach, protecting it from anything that might get stuck there. Kapectolin, another drug intended to protect the stomach lining and remove toxins, may be given to your cat.

Recovery from Baby Doll Ti Plant Poisoning in Cats

The symptoms of Baby Doll Ti plant poisoning are mostly mild to moderate so your cat will eventually recuperate. Follow your veterinarian’s instructions regarding post-treatment care for your cat. Make sure to give your cat an ample amount of fluids. Keep your cat cozy and comfortable as he or she is recovering.

Prevention of Baby Doll Ti Plant Poisoning in Cats

Check your environment and make sure to remove Baby Doll Ti plants to prevent getting your cat exposed to it again. As much as possible, do not let your cats stray far from your home. Keep them busy and mentally stimulated indoors. You can also try building fences and putting safety nets around your house as necessary.

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