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Is Hoary Alyssum Toxic For Cats?

by Clair Chesterman
Is Hoary Alyssum Toxic For Cats

Hoary alyssum is not toxic for cats.

This article was crafted with the invaluable assistance of a team of experienced DVMs (doctors of veterinary medicine). Their expert knowledge has been paramount in providing accurate and current insights into the potential risks plants might pose to cats, with a focus on Hoary Alyssum in this context. Furthermore, we have rigorously referenced high-authority websites like the ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) and PetMD to ensure the precision of our findings.

It is worth noting, however, that while hoary alyssum is deemed safe for both cats and dogs, it is toxic for horses. Despite its non-toxicity to cats, it’s not recommended for them to consume. The rationale behind this will be elaborated upon as you read further.

Can Cats Eat Hoary Alyssum?

Hoary Alyssum with a cat trying to sniff it

Hoary alyssum is safe to be around cats. However, since cats are carnivores, eating hoary alyssum is not advisable for them.

Eating excessive quantities of plant materials may cause indigestion and other gastrointestinal problems in felines. Plants are tough for cats to digest so better not include plants in their regular meals.

Also, the toxin in hoary alyssum has not been identified. While there are no records of hoary alyssum poisoning in cats and dogs, horses are known to be poisoned by this plant.

It is still preferable to keep our feline friends away from hoary alyssum and other plants (whether known to be toxic or not).

What is Hoary Alyssum?

Hoary Alyssum and cats

Hoary alyssum is botanically known as Berteroa incana. It is an annual, biennial, or perennial herbaceous plant of the mustard family that grows one to three feet tall.

It has upright, branching, gray-green downy stems with several branches at the top. Hoary alyssum has tiny, lance-shaped leaves that are coated in a grayish-green hairy down and have smooth leaf margins.

This plant produces small white blooms that grow in long clusters along a central stalk. Each flower has four deeply split petals that combine to form a long raceme. These flowers are normally in bloom from June through August.

Hoary alyssum favors dry, disturbed areas like roadside ditches, rail embankments, and rangelands. Hoary alyssum spreads rapidly throughout its extended seeding season. Vehicles, equipment, footwear, animals, and birds all spread seeds.

Keeping Cats Away From Hoary Alyssum

Cat stands near Hoary Alyssum

You can prevent cats from touching your hoary alyssum and other houseplants by using natural deterrents. You can get this online or from any pet supply store near you. 

Placing houseplants in a room inaccessible to your cats is also a good way to prevent them from touching (or messing with) your plants. Cats are less likely to reach a plant that is not in its usual placement.

You can also try other hacks such as placing aluminum foil on the ground near your plants. You can also try wrapping your plant pots with double-sided adhesive tape. Cats who love to scratch your pots will avoid this now because they detest the sticky texture of adhesives.

Plants to Avoid For Your Cats

If you are a cat owner and unsure if the plants growing in your yard are harmful to your cats, check out this list of toxic plants for cats. You can also check our list of non-toxic plants for cats.

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