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Is Dwarf Whitman Fern Toxic For Cats?

by Clair Chesterman
Is Dwarf Whitman Fern Toxic For Cats

No, Dwarf Whitman Fern is not toxic to cats.

This article was meticulously crafted in collaboration with a team of experienced DVMs (doctors of veterinary medicine). With their insights and expertise, we are empowered to provide accurate and up-to-date information on the potential risks associated with various plants, specifically the Dwarf Whitman Fern, in relation to feline health. Our claims and information are further substantiated through comprehensive research from high-authority sources such as the ASPCA and PetMD.

It’s essential to note that, according to The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), the Dwarf Whitman fern has been identified as safe for cats.

Can Cats Eat Dwarf Whitman Fern?

Cat looks at Dwarf Whitman Fern

Cats are carnivores, yet they have a natural need to consume greens on occasion. Indoor cats are forced to eat whatever is available to them. The Dwarf Whitman fern is not only beautiful but also safe for cats. However, any plant debris might cause slight gastrointestinal discomfort, vomiting, or diarrhea when ingested.

Even non-poisonous plants can become toxic after being sprayed with pesticides. Plants purchased from a nursery or florist are frequently treated with insecticide previously.

If you’re not sure, presume a plant is poisonous.

What is Dwarf Whitman Fern? 

Dwarf Whitman Fern and cats

The Dwarf Whitman fern (Nephrolepis cordifolia) is a fern that can be found in northern Australia and Asia. Fishbone fern, tuberous sword fern, tuber ladder fern, upright sword fern, thin sword fern and ladder fern, and herringbone fern are some of its other names.

It is native to the Hawaiian Islands, where it is known as kupukupu, okupukupu, or ni’ani’au. It is similar to the related fern Nephrolepis exaltata. Bermuda, French Polynesia, New Zealand, and the United States have all adopted it.

The plant is native to north-eastern Australia and has become naturalized on New South Wales’ central east coast.

In some regions where it has been introduced, Nephrolepis cordifolia has become an invasive species. It is included on the National Pest Plant Accord in New Zealand, which forbids its sale, cultivation, and distribution. It is classified as an invasive species in the state of Florida.

Keeping Cats Away From Dwarf Whitman Fern

Dwarf Whitman Fern with a cat in the background

You may make your plants less tempting to your cat in a few ways. Make your plant unappealing by using deterrents.

Making your plant inaccessible is another option. You can strategically place your household plants in numerous locations to avoid abuse. It’s crucial to know your cat and their talents, whether you hang them or put them on a shelf high enough that even the strongest leaper can’t reach them.

With a bit of creativity, you can use an old fish tank as a planter, terrarium, or giant dome birdcage.

Plants to Avoid For Your Cats

If you are a cat owner and unsure if the plants growing in your yard are harmful to your cats, check out this list of toxic plants for cats. You can also check our list of non-toxic plants for cats.

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